Difficulty: Moderate. 2 hours’ walk.

Description: Starting by a small church Agios Adonios shortly after village Mili you walk along the riverbed. In the early summer expect rain or groundwater. In the middle of the gorge are the ruins of an abandoned village with several water mills. You will find a tavern here, which is open in the spring, summer and autumn.



Difficulty: Advanced. Length: 5km, 2h walk.


Shortly before the Patsos village you will pass over a bridge. For five hundred meters you will see signs for St. Anthony - Patsos. St. Antonia church (a place of pilgrimage, where people come to pray for healing) marks the end of the easy part of this route.

This route is one of the most beautiful in Crete. The small creek, which flows through the gorge with crowds of trees growing along its sides, provides beautiful scenery. You will find wooden picnic tables along the way.

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