Crete Waterparks


Open : 10:00 do 18:30

Price  : 22 Euro adults 17 Euro kids

Location: Close to Heraklion.

70km form Rethymno


Open : 10:00 do 18:00

Price  : 22 Euro dospělí, 17 Euro děti

Location:  Chania.

60km form Rethymno


Open  : 10:00 do 18:00

Price : 22 Euro adults, 14 Euro kids

Where to find it:  Hersonisos

80km from Rethytmno


Open  : all day

Cena : you pay for big slides and sun beds rest of kids swimming pool is free.

Location:  Hersonisos

80km form Rethymno


Crete aquarium

 Cretaquarium or Thalassocosmos is a public aquarium located near the town of Gournes in Crete, Greece, 15 km east of the city of Heraklion.

Open : 9:30 do 17:00


Horse Riding


Aliantos stable Plakias :

Zoraidas v Georgiopoli :




Blog news

The Kidnap of General Kreipe

Throughout time, Crete has been occupied by foreign powers. The last invasion was during World War II, when German paratroopers occupied the island in 1941.

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Rethymno Carnival


Since 1914 Rethymnon‬ has been celebrating the carnival with its giant program.

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