The joy of gathering around the table is typical Cretan. In everyday life, culinary culture is closely connected to family values, and the Greeks often gather several generations together around the table. They create an intensive atmosphere and by atmosphere we don’t refer to candles and exclusive china.

Traditional plates are influenced by the foreign powers who were ruling on Crete during centuries of occupation. Spices came from the east, macaroni came with the Italians but the most important ingredients is local – the olive oil.

Try cooking with a local culinary expert.

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The Kidnap of General Kreipe

Throughout time, Crete has been occupied by foreign powers. The last invasion was during World War II, when German paratroopers occupied the island in 1941.

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Rethymno Carnival


Since 1914 Rethymnon‬ has been celebrating the carnival with its giant program.

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