Be among the first visitors in the archeological museum and excavations in Eleftherna.

It took over 30 years to reach to the date for the doors to be open to visitors. Hard work and strong will lays behind the excavations carried out by the leading archeologist Mr. Nikolaos Stambolidis and the University of Crete. Today we are honored with the opportunity to admire an amazing collection of ancient artifacts and valuable historical facts.

Ancient cisterns, quarries, the city’s acropolis, the Hellenistic bridge, private residences and bathing facilities are only some of the treasures that give us an insight to life in Eleftherna throughout centuries.

Findings from the “necropolis” such as stunning jewelry and ceramics reveal secrets of burial customs of the antiquity. Everyday items prove the strong relationships to the rest of the ancient world.

Eleftherna, situated in a scenic, lush area, was one of the mysterious and most powerful ancient cities of Crete - for most yet unexplored.


Late Minoan necropolis

Archaeological Site of Armenoi

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