The Greek cuisine is world famous for well tasting simple dishes made of fresh, local ingredients.

A meal often consists of mezes only. Mezes are a small taste of different plates that are shared. Try the “dolmadakia” (stuffed vine leaves), the “sakanaki” (grilled cheese), “kolokitakia tyganita” (fried courgette), “apaki” (smoked pork) or maybe local sausages “Loukanika xoriatika” or “koukouvaia” (rusk with fresh tomato, feta, oregano and olive oil). A variety of Greek salads is always a part of the meal.

In Crete you eat a lot of lamb. The meat is famous for being tasty because of local flora and wild herbs. “Antixristo” is lamb grilled in traditional way over open fire.

All other kind of meat is eaten too; try a mixed grill or maybe a rabbit “stifado” (with onions).

Snails and different kinds of beans are much eaten.

Mousaka and pastitsio are oven prepared dishes that have become popular among visitors.

Surrounded by sea the island Crete offers a lot of fresh seafood. “Tsipoura” (Silthead seabream), “Lavraki” (Seabass), “Aterina” (Silverside), “Gopa” (Bogue), “Kalamaria”, “oxtapodi” (octapus) and “soupies” (Cuttlefish) are worth trying.

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