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Melissa Mediterranean Crete is an advertising and contact-making platform. We set up direct contact between the traveler and the local providers and focus on increasing the awareness of local service and business products in Crete.When in Crete do as the Cretans – it is profitable and advantageous for the visitor, to abide by the customs and support the Cretan society when in Crete.

We have 25 years of experience in the travel and service industry and we live in Crete throughout the year.


“The people of Crete unfortunately make more history than they can consume locally.” 



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The Kidnap of General Kreipe

Throughout time, Crete has been occupied by foreign powers. The last invasion was during World War II, when German paratroopers occupied the island in 1941.

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Rethymno Carnival


Since 1914 Rethymnon‬ has been celebrating the carnival with its giant program.

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